Listen and Buy: Visions of Grandeur... by Jesse Lee Jacobs

Visions of Grandeur, Subterranean Star Demonstrations, Lo-Fi Freq Fantasies, And the Means of Production

By Jesse Lee Jacobs

Released: 2018

Listen and Buy: Earthbound by The LP's


By The LP's

Released: 2005

The LP's is Jesse Lee Jacobs and Dorian Heartsong. Early seventies eclectic pop. Epic and Sci-fi, yet personal and with a social commentary. Both modern and retro at the same time.

Listen and Buy: Lost N Space by Wil Robinson Vs' Jesse & The Plastic Cats

Lost N Space

By Wil Robinson Vs' Jesse & The Plastic Cats

Released: 2003

A Jesse Lee Jacobs and Wil Robinson collaboration. The music is eclectic. Avant-garde. Each song is very different; it sounds modern, but sometimes even has a 70's glam feel. It's Psychedelic Pop.

Jesse Featuring Blue Vinyl

Jesse Featuring Blue Vinyl

By Jesse Featuring Blue Vinyl

Released: 2002

Out of print

Blue Vinyl - Self-titled

Blue Vinyl

By Blue Vinyl

Released: 2001

Out of print